This & That This Week: Spring Fashion Trends

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So the Winter weather in the Northeastern United States has been rather tricky, and it seems Spring will be arriving sooner than expected. Being the non-trendy person I am, I usually don’t weigh in on seasonal fashion or beauty trends. But because I’m trying to stretch my horizons in 2012, I’ll try anything! Having said that, here’s a quick review of projected 2012 Spring fashion trends, a la Glamour Magazine and

  1. Printed dresses, paired up with solid accessories. And curvy girls, don’t be afraid of prints! Just make sure you use smaller prints where your body is bigger, and bigger prints where your body is smailler. This may be hard to do with some dresses, but try to use the prints to your advantage, to accentuate those lovely curves!
  2. Bright (color) pants – Tania of suggests wide leg pants are cool to keep around this year as well.
  3. Platform wedges, especially sandals. I remember when I was growing up, we had “Buffalo” sandals – the leather/suede sandals with the high suede platform wedge. My sister was old enough to have them, but my mother always said, “They don’t have enough support…you’ll twist your ankle!” For that reason, even in their resurgence, I have stayed away from the platform wedge! LOL
  4. Full skirts – which make your waist appear smaller, and your hips appear bigger (if you need that kind of help!). Interestingly enough, they actually hide your hips if you are pear-shaped.
  5. Pencil skirts – a great classic, if you can pull it off. Pencil skirts are good for accentuating and even creating curves, while still looking professional.

Glamour also mentions 3 throwback trends from last year – Red jackets, denim shorts and maxi skirts. Similarly, Tania of mentions tuxedo jackets, wide leg pants, leather harnesses, high slit dresses, and the 60’s Peter Pan collar as five trends carried over from Fall 2011 that you can still rock this year.

Which 2012 trends will YOU try?


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