I'm Back…Again!

>Thanks to all my followers for hanging in there with me! Finally checking back in, and I’ll probably be starting my next post with an apology…again! Blogging is still hard for me, but I’m committed to press on. A few things on my mind…

Mother’s Day
I Hope everyone had a nice Mother’s Day and a Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there. I was thankful to be sharing it with my Mom, visiting from Florida, and my Mother-in-Law aka “Second Mom.”  I am blessed to have these two incredible women in my family. I was reflecting on their amazing strength, as I watched both of them care for ailing loved ones over a long period of time. Mommy took care of my Dad in his final days and although she is a nurse by profession, it makes looking after a loved one no easier. The strength I saw in her in those difficult days, as well as those after his passing, has and continues to be inspiring to me. And then I simultaneously watched Mom (my MIL) traveling from work to the Nursing Home, to all her other obligations and back again every day to care for her ailing mother, staying by her side until she drew her last breath. I remember praying that I would always be as dedicated to my mother as she was to hers. I pray that soon, the wisdom imparted from my “mothers” and grandmothers will finally “kick in” and I can feel that same kind of wisdom flowing through me to our children. Motherhood ain’t easy, but it’s worth every minute of it, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Keep loving and honoring your mothers.

“I’m a hustler, baby…” (a la Jay-Z)
Well I’m selling Avon…slowly…but I’m sticking with it. And I’m also a Cookie Lee Jewelry Consultant. I LOVE their jewelry!! I’m so excited about having my jewelry business, and I’m doing quite well, if I may say so. Please check out my website – you can view the catalog online. It’s just a side gig, but it’s turning out to be quite rewarding. Aside from my initial enthusiasm over sales, what’s amazing to me is that several of my customers are already promising to come back for more orders – practically setting aside budget money for next month’s purchase. I love it! This jewelry is amazing! Did I say that already? Well, it is. I am so NOT a salesperson, but the product – excuse the coming cheesy line – really DOES sell itself! I’m including a few pieces in each of my YouTube videos, so I’m learning how to work the hustle! Never knew I had it in me! Who knows what the future holds… Check me out at www.youravon.com/cbranch and www.cookielee.biz/calandrabranch.

My Baby Can Read
OK, I know I’m just rambling at this point and there is no continuity in this blog, but remember…it’s called “‘This and That’ with Calandra” for a reason! Anyway…I’m not one to brag about my children (smirk), but The Boy (I always loved when Homer called Bart “the boy”) is now 3 1/2 and already reading! I want to make a Public Service Announcement…Please do not spend money on the “My Baby Can Read” DVD. First of all, how good can an educational product be that just costs $20? Shucks, “Hooked on Phonics” was like $200 when it first came out and that was a sound investment. Phonics are the way to go!!! When The Boy was a baby, someone from church gave him a toy called “Alphabet Pal” – a big catepillar who taught letters and phonetics. This was the best toy he had, and now The Girl is learning from it as well. I firmly believe that because The Boy learned phonics, he is reading now…give him any word and he can sound it out. The joy of phonics. Sight reading, the premise behind MBCR, just teaches memorization of words, so children only recognize words they have memorized or seen before. What value is that? Just something for the parents of a 6 month old who can “read” to brag about at dinner parties and family reunions. Sight reading vs. phonics  is like the difference between giving a man a fish vs. teaching him how to fish. The Boy will be reading like a champ in no time. Just in time to give us some good bragging material at the next dinner party or family reunion! LOL – just kidding.

Until next time folks…Love Y’all!


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