The Listening Suite – April 2018 – The B Side

Whaaaa? Two episodes of The Listening Suite in one month? You heard correctly. I had another list of tracks ready to go, so why put off until next month what you can do this month – again! Welcome to the April 2018 – The B Side edition of The Listening Suite. I have a nice bonus track for you at the end. If you didn’t listen to last week’s podcast, click here, and then come back to this week’s B Side episode. Thanks for listening!

PS – I’d like to give a shoutout to fellow podcaster Macedonia, host of BSOTS (Both Sides of the Surface) on Bonfire Radio. Last week he released a show called, “Glimpse of the Divine” and it is FIYAH. So check it out here.

Here’s the Playlist:

  1. Korova – Changing Times
  2. FragmentOrchestra – Sambita
  3. Fila Brazillia – Heat Death of the Universe
  4. Darsha Ambient – Acre of Sun
  5. Galimatias – To the Moon and Beyond
  6. Belladonna – Meltin Guitar
  7. Caia – Summer Lightning
  8. Leggo Beast – One Size Fits All
  9. Harmonic 33 – Exotica
  10. AfterSix Productions – Simply Chilled

P.P.S. – Check out the new single “Simply Chilled” by AfterSix Productions. You can find it at And their newly released video can be found here.


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