Black History Month

>Welcome to Black History Month! I can’t promise I’ll post a fact every day, but I’ll try to share a few each week. I was so proud of our 3 year old son, Izzy. He had colored a picture of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. several weeks ago in school, but I didn’t know he had a little speech to go along with it. It went something like, “This is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He was a civil rights leader who fought for peace and equality.” It was a beautiful moment. He has so much more history to learn, but to know that he learned this at 3, we look forward to the journey of teaching him even more.

I can remember in college being a bit annoyed that BHM always seemed to just mean Dr. King, Harriet Tubman, and a handful of others, when there were so many more people and facts to know. But now seeing my son learn about Dr. King, I look at it as his first step in learning about all, and I mean ALL the others who came before and after Dr. King to shape our legacy as African Americans. Let us also be mindful that history is being made every day, so don’t complain about Black History Month only being 28 days. Take this as an opportunity to get the ball rolling towards a 365-day celebration of Black History. Celebrate every day! Find history living in your family, in your church, in your community. Let’s learn and celebrate the past, but don’t forget to understand the present so that we can begin shaping our future.


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