Blogging is Hard!

>So here I am again. I’ve come to the following conclusion: Blogging is HARD! As much as I can talk, and as many things as I have an opinion on, you would think I’d post blogs all day, every day! Some days it’s easier to make a video and sit in front of the camera and talk. Some days, it’s easier to write down my thoughts. Today was one of those writing days. I figured, why not write about the hard time I’m having writing! 🙂

Well one thing I’m glad about is that I have 24 YouTube subscribers…looking for lucky #25! Please check out and subscribe to my channel: Yes, that was a not-so-subtle plug! Hey, at least I’m honest! Last night, I subscribed to a makeup tutorial channel (one of the many I subscribe to) and found out I was her 600th subscriber, so she’s sending me a gift! How awesome. When I sent her my info, I found out we both joined YouTube on the exact same day a few years ago, and she also lived in Queens, NY at some point. I know…eerie, right?

I’m really enjoying this vlogging and blogging, even though I don’t post as often as I should. I’ll probably be talking about some articles I’ve read lately, but haven’t been uber-inspired just yet. And by the way, I’m officially Tweeting – you can follow me at Please don’t give up on me…I’m still working on posting things that are of substance, fun and interesting, both in terms of blogs and vlogs on the YT. And public notice to my personal friends…y’all really need to follow my blog and subscribe to my YT channel – I know you’re reading and watching, but ya ain’t subscribin’ and followin’!! LOL. That’s ok…I’m just happy that you’re stopping by.

Love you all and I’ll be back soon for more “This and That.”


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