Time Flies

>Wow. I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through February, and I haven’t posted a thing since the beginning of the month. Bad blogger! In all honesty, I haven’t had much to say lately-just busy with work, home, etc. I know, you don’t feel like hearing me complain. I guess there’s nothing worse than a whiny blogger!

Still trying to get ideas for my next vlog on YouTube. I have some ideas, but can’t seem to flesh out anything substantial to talk about. My next one will probably be on teens and sex – I think that’s my roadblock. I have a lot to say, but I’m a bit reluctant – it’s one video I want to really be prepared for and not say things off the cuff. I say it’s a roadblock because I’m starting to believe that “ain’t no good gonna come to me” until I do right by the subject of teens and sex.

To all my friends from Facebook who may be reading this…PLEASE subscribe to my YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/cybranch). I know you’ve been watching my vlogs, and I suspect you don’t subscribe because the system forces you to sign up/register with YouTube. Trust me, it’s safe and there are no downsides to registering with YT. Would I lie to you? LOL.

Thanks again for everyone’s support. Please remember to send me comments to let me know what’s on your mind, and what you’d like to see me talk about. Let’s make “This and That” with Calandra a fun place to hang out!

Peace and blessings.


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