This and That This Week: Erin's Guide to Beauty Blogging

Those of you who follow this blog, or subscribe to my YouTube channel, know that one of my favorite beauty bloggers/vloggers and makeup gurus is Erin Bailey, of Scandalous Beauty ( Back in July, I joined her 30 Day YouTube Video Challenge– which challenged us to step up our YouTube game and have a little fun at the same time. Well Ms. Bailey has raised the bar with her newest challenge, “25 Days to a Better Beauty & Fashion Blog.” I don’t really consider myself a beauty or fashion blogger, but I just try to add my 2 cents in the game of natural hair, makeup and parenthood. For this reason, I didn’t officially join the challenge , but as a dedicated reader of Erin’s blog, I have been following along. I am learning that many of her tips are applicable to successful blogging in general, especially in a field where you are trying to reach a specific audience.

So please check out Erin’s challenge, and if you are too impatient to wait for her daily advice, click here for Erin’s Guide to Better Beauty Blogging.  I’m already knee deep in her tips, so look for changes on This and That With Calandra over the next few weeks!

Are you up for the challenge? Are you interested in becoming a better beauty blogger, or even a better blogger in general? Check out Erin’s tips! Good luck! Thanks Erin…you’ve done it again!


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