Thanks Erin for the Video Challenge!

I’ve completed (sort of) Scandalous Beauty’s 30 video/30 day challenge. Today is the last day of July and when I started at the beginning of the month, I vowed to TRY and get in 30 videos, but I promised myself I would make at least 20. I ended up at 23 videos, so I’m satisfied. The goal was to spice up our YouTube channels and offer our subscribers new and interesting topics, and help them to learn a little bit more about us. It also challenged us to just do more. Personally, I feel like I just jumped into the swimming pool without over-thinking, over-planning and just OVER-DID! LOL. When I started my YouTube channel back in January 2010, I just took the leap into the pool and posted my pilot vlog, talking about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Previously, I had been watching YT for makeup and hair tutorial for a while, but never thought I would ever get past just talking on camera and actually doing my own reviews and tutorials. And who knows, soon I may be adding natural hair care videos to my channel as well. Hmmm…interesting how I’ve made it this far.  I can remember being just as excited about my 25 subscribers as I now am about my close to 300 subs!

So Erin has encouraged me to step up my game a notch – the video challenge encouraged me to be a little more savvy – upgrading the look and content of my blog, adding a Facebook fan page, and re-invigorating my Twitter posts. I’m still just doing all of this for fun, but I am amazed by all those wonderful gurus who are über-serious about videos/blogs, and especially those beauty bloggers who do this as part of their career.

Challenge DONE…on to the next one!


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