New Feature – This and That This Week (TTTW)

I’m coming off the heels of my 30-Day Video Challenge. I ended the month having posted 23 new videos to my YouTube channel, 7 videos short of the 30 suggested, but 3 ahead of my personal goal of 20. I’m pleased not  just because of the 23 videos, but because I’ve been inspired to expand my YouTube Channel,  change the look of my blog, and I have now even started a Facebook fan page. Oh yeah, I also joined the ranks of Beautylish – feel free to check me out!

So on to the next challenge – another great thing that came out of the challenge is the new group of  YouTube channels I’ve been watching and blogs I’ve been reading (see my post HERE). And now with my natural hair journey, I’ve got loads of new sites to check out. Having said that, welcome to my new feature, “This and That This Week,” affectionately known as TTTW. Every week I’ll review/highlight videos and articles of interest related to hair, beauty, parenting, etc. – basically a little bit of this and a little bit of that!  I know, it’s not a new concept, but it’s new for This and That With Calandra! LOL

Stay tuned and keep checking for my first installment coming this week…


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