30-Day YouTube Video Challenge – Day 1

So I began my 30-Day video challenge on July 1 and here’s the blogpost I promised. Please check out my YouTube Channel – http://www.youtube.com/cybranch for all my videos.

Challenge Day 1 – Top 5 in 5: YouTube Beauty Gurus. Check them out, subscribe to their channels, and their other links (Twitter, Facebook, blogs) are all posted on their YT channel.

My Top 5: Scandalous BeautyDezi1016Makeup by Rachel OBeauty ChameleonBeat Face Honey Makeup Designs

My “Bonus” 5: Ameritrini, Beautiful Day MUA, Coloured Beautiful, Kokofemme, Sam Fine, Iman Cosmetics





One thought on “30-Day YouTube Video Challenge – Day 1

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