New Site I'm LOVING…Beads, Braids & Beyond

In my new natural hair journey, I am finding and loving more YouTube channels and blogs dedicated to natural hair. One of the sites that is just standing out right now is a blog called ,”Beads, Braids, & Beyond,” which actually deals a lot with childrens’ natural haircare as well. I have a vested interest in this subject, as my three-year-old daughter has thick hair, much like the texture, length and strength of my hair at her age. I am vowing to keep her away from the “creamy crack” (chemical relaxer, that is) for as long as humanly possible, hoping that by the time she is of age, she will embrace her natural hair and not feel the need to relax her hair.

Please don’t get me wrong, there is NOTHING wrong with relaxers, weaves, braids – I’ve had them ALL. But as for now, I am seeing the damaging effects of chemical treatments and would like to stay far away from them and get back to my natural hair state (and keep my daughter’s hair in its natural state!). But back to the blog…this site is amazing and I hope you all stop by and read it. I recently found several great posts that excited me. “It’s Never Too Early to Get Your Daughter Involved in Caring for Her Hair” was of great interest to me, as I am now beginning to take care of my daughter’s hair. Her sitter used to do her hair during the week, giving her wonderful styles that lasted through the weekend. With my daughter starting camp recently, and then off to Pre-K next month, the task has become solely mine. We took our first trip to my stylist a few weeks ago, and she was such a little lady! Not only was it a bonding moment for us, but it was an opportunity to start exposing her to the haircare process. This is a great place for haircare tips, products, advice and MORE!!


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