Embraceable You

Good morning! NO MORE APOLOGIES for lagging in my blog posts! I’ve embraced the fact that I will only say something when I really have something to say. If that means a month or two in between, then so be it. This morning, I was feeling quite empowered – for no particular reason. I kept thinking of adding these things to my Facebook status, but realizing I had too many things to add, the light bulb flickered and I remembered my blogspot. So on that note…

Ladies – embrace yourself today. Last week I unashamedly celebrated my 41st birthday. As long as I feel I’ve grown to be better and wiser than the year before, I will always embrace my age. I am thankful for wisdom, and continue to strive to gain more. I feel especially strong today…and I want you to feel strong as well – in mind, body and spirit!

When I was a VERY little girl, I had this strange misconception that it was much harder to be a “boy” than a “girl”. I thought that only boys went to jail, could join the army and had to do “hard” labor. I thought these were horrible things and so I was thankful to have been born a girl. Of course, I quickly learned this just wasn’t true. However, I am still thankful to have been born a “girl”, just for different reasons. This is no disrespect to the fellas out there – neither gender is better or worse, just different. And different is good, as long as we understand the differences…but that’s for another blog on another day! I LOVE being a woman. I love knowing that I have “woman’s intuition”, and a nurturing instinct. I love the fact that I have been blessed to give birth to two beautiful, miraculous children. I often think of Lauryn Hill’s beautiful lyrics in To Zion:

And I thank you for choosing me
To come through unto life to be
A beautiful reflection of His grace
See I know that a gift so great
Is only one God could create
And I’m reminded every time I see your face

I embrace my life…my spirit…my choices…my ability to love – and I love HARD…my inner voice…my intelligence…and yes, I even embrace my CURVES!
Dr. Angelou said I am PHENOMENAL. The Bee Gees said I’m MORE THAN A WOMAN. WAY before Whitney said it, Chaka said I’m EVERY WOMAN. The Psalmist said I am FEARFULLY and WONDERFULLY MADE! The Commodores said I’m a BRICK…HOUSE (OWWW)! India.Arie said I have STRENGTH, COURAGE and WISDOM. And back in the day, even Helen (Reddy) said…I am STRONG. I am INVINCIBLE. I am WOMAN!
Be it girl…then EMBRACE IT! Peace.

2 thoughts on “Embraceable You

  1. >Calandra, I love this!!! I need to be reminded sometimes how awesome it is to be a "woman". I look at my family and thank God for trusting me to be a wife and mom…..I love me some me.

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