Breaking Routine

After returning from our family vacation last week, I had another vacation to look forward to…My in-laws are keeping the children at their house this week! It’s a win-win for everyone. Hubby and I get a break and the kids get to spend a week with their grandparents and their cousin. Not sure where my in-laws fit on the win-win scale, but hey…

I have to let you know the significance of this week. The children have never been away from us for more than one night. And there have only been 2 overnight stays in the 5 years we have been parents. A whole week of peace and quiet – no arguments to referee, no toys to clean up, and no incessant cries of “Mom! Momma! Mommy! Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!!” But here’s what’s funny…I still set my alarm to wake up early to help get the kids ready before I go to work. When my husband had to get something from the drug store the other evening, I started to say, “Why don’t we just stop there on the way to picking up the kids from camp?” When hubby and I went out to dinner with friends, I sat in the back seat. I hadn’t seen the back row without car seats since…since…well, NEVER! Yesterday I was rushing home from work, thinking I had to pick the kids up by 6. I never realized how ingrained my daily routine was. It was a little scary, but at the same time I realized that I LIKE routine! Our children like routine. In fact, they are quick to point out to others when they are breaking routine. My daughter’s ears were pierced last week, so I asked my mother-in-law to continue cleaning the piercing. When she approached my daughter with the antiseptic-soaked Q-Tip, Yvette quickly informed her that “Mommy doesn’t use a Q-Tip, she uses a tissue. And when she turns the earring, she does it with the tissue in her hand.” I was partially mortified that she had corrected her grandmother, but also intrigued that she had been paying such close attention to our routine.

My sister e-mailed me today and asked if I was missing the babies or was I busy enjoying the quiet house. I replied that it was a little bit of both. She told me that was the response of a real Mommy! I just hope I don’t fall into the new routine of getting used to the kids being gone. :/ LOL


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