Watching From a Distance

While on family vacation in Florida, I have been able to do something I rarely get to do these days – watch my children from a distance. I have a boy and girl, ages 5 and 3, respectively. When they aren’t in school, they spend all their time under the watchful eye
of my husband and/or me. We don’t have a regular sitter for them, and so they are always with us. As you can tell from their ages, they are quite a handful and require either our guidance to give them something to do, our undivided attention to play with them, or our referree skills to keep them from trying to take each other out! LOL.

Sometimes it is hard to FULLY appreciate the beauty of your developing children when they are under your constant supervision. So this week, as my mother and sister have been spending time looking after them while we are all together at my Mother’s house in Florida, I have really been able to sit back and observe my children. Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not learning anything NEW about them, just better absorbing and enjoying the things I’ve already known.

My son, my firstborn, the scholar, is extremely inquisitive and quite bright. He can read anything, has a great musical ear, an eye for design, and has cognitive skills beyond his years. He is a jack AND master of all trade! Yvette is my little Teflon girl, as my sister-in-law calls her. She is feisty, confident, sharp as a tack, and fears NOTHING! She came into this world 6 1/2 weeks early, but as I was continuously hooked up to the fetal monitors for three days before her birth, it was the sound of her strong heartbeat that put me to sleep at night and awoke me each morning. I watch her now and imagine how all she has experienced in her 3 years will mold and shape her into the brilliant young woman she will become.

Am I bragging about my children? ABSOLUTELY!! They are my miracles, my heart, my inspiration. Sometimes it’s hard to see their preciousness when you are busy monitoring, scolding, negotiating and cleaning up after them! But I am thankful for moments like these – when I can take a break, and watch them from a distance. For a few moments I can see them not just for who they are, but think about who they will become. Parents…even in those difficult days, find time to
watch your children from a distance. It will recharge you and help give you strength to get through the tough moments, and allow you to appreciate a parent’s greatest blessings – your children.



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