Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration Event: 2015…

Rhythms In Black Satin II

8 Consecutive years!

Not bad for an idea hatched late at night, online among (relatively speaking, at the time) a bunch of strangers who had a common love for music and technology. Eight years later we still get together on and around Valentine’s Day to share our love of music on the day dedicated to LOVE.

Once again, the Cupid’s Hunt Podcast Collaboration event has had great interest and participation and some excellent music podcasts published for your listening enjoyment. As I do every year, this master post (which, I admit is a little late getting posted) will list the DJs/Podcasters that have created music for the Event, along with links to their sites (or the services) where the music mixes can be downloaded and/or streamed for listening.

Here is what is available so far:

1. Anji BeeChillcast #424: InLove with You

2. Calandra BranchThe Listening…

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