Growing up in church, I often heard preachers begin their sermons with a joke, saying their wives told them before service to remember to KISS when delivering their sermon. “Keep It Short, Stupid.”

I want to first say a special “Thank you” to a few of my fellow bloggers for telling me to KISS. They didn’t verbally tell me this, but their brief but effective and engaging posts have encouraged me to tell myself to KISS.

I haven’t posted in This and That With Calandra for a little while very long time! Several posts ago I vowed not to get wrapped up in the (in)frequency of my posts. I wouldn’t write if I didn’t have anything to say. Well now I’m tackling the issue of brevity. Sometimes I have something to say, but I feel like it’s not enough content for a post. But as Cochise said to Preach in Cooley High, “You ain’t got to make no speech brotha…Go!”

Having said that, look for more posts to come!

Shout out to my “brief bloggers” Lisa Stanton (I Am A New Lis) and DK Wyatt (My Love For Music)



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