The Listening Suite: It’s Our Anniversary!

1st-first-anniversary-23156654On September 6, 2013 (or technically September 7, if you want to get technical) I posted the first episode of The Listening Suite podcast! I remembered that it was September, but didn’t realize it was exactly this weekend. I remember finishing the file the night of the 6th, but the upload didn’t complete until the 7th. But either way, this is our anniversary weekend and The Listening Suite is officially one year old! WOW!! I never would have imagined being able to pull off, umm, successfully produce a podcast. But it has been quite a journey over the past year and I have enjoyed bring The Listening Suite to you as often as I can. Going forward, I am committing to monthly episodes, all of which will be made available on Mixcloud and downloadable from SoundCloud.

Many thanks to Mr. Fresh, aka Doug Ramsay, for hosting The Sunday Soundtrack Podcast, which is the podcast that has heavily influenced The Listening Suite. He has also patiently guided me through the technical process of podcasting and for those lessons I am grateful. I also want to thank all the podcasters I have met along the way, especially my fellow members of the Cupid’s Hunt Challenge collaborative – there are just too many to name!

Click HERE for the original blog post for the first podcast. Click below to go directly to the download. And THANK YOU to all of you who have supported The Listening Suite podcast, as well as the site at Liner Notes Lounge.


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