Artist Conversation with Mr. Fresh – Halcyon Sky 8.18.14


It was my pleasure to speak with Mr. Fresh, a.k.a. Doug Ramsay, about his debut EP, Halcyon Sky, which was released on August 9, 2014 (click HERE for my review). To follow the journey that led to the final release, check out Vibes and Scribes – A Room With a VU (Music Production). Download your copy of Halcyon Sky HERE.

One important thing I forgot to ask Mr. Fresh about was the ASIA fund – Always Support Independent Artists. Although he is “gifting” Halcyon Sky to the masses, all proceeds will go to the ASIA fund, and a bonus track will be made available to all those who have purchased or will purchase the EP.

Many thanks to Mr. Fresh for taking time to hang out in The Lounge, and we look forward to speaking with him again. Click the Mixcloud play button below to listen to the conversation, or download it and listen later.


2 thoughts on “Artist Conversation with Mr. Fresh – Halcyon Sky 8.18.14

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