Commencement Day

Today I “graduate” from the 31WriteNow Challenge! And just as an educational commencement exercise symbolizes the end of academic pursuit, but the beginning of a new chapter, so does today represent both an end and a new beginning.

After two straight months of daily challenges, first with July’s AudioMo daily audio challenge in July, and then August’s 31WriteNow Challenge, I am pleased to make the following announcement:

Introducing my new blog, my new baby – Liner Notes Lounge ( The Lounge, is a place where music is explored and celebrated. Look for music spotlights, and more audio conversations with independent artists. I have decided to splinter off the Music Notes section of This and That With Calandra and create a site dedicated solely to music, one of my many passions.

So please go check it out. Here’s what you’ll find on the menu:

Liner Notes – general articles related to all genres of music

Mic One: Calandra Speaks – music-related podcasts

Mic Two: Artist Conversations – interviews with various independent artists

The Listening Suite – a regular review of the music I’m currently listening to

The Lyrics Spot – interpretations of some of my favorite lyrics

So, “…grab your favorite music, have a seat on the floor, get comfy and let’s go…” Welcome to the Lounge!


2 thoughts on “Commencement Day

  1. Congrats on completing the slog! And what a cool idea for your new blog. I’ll definitely check that out. You should probably enjoy at least a few days of down time. Smile

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