Welcome to Liner Notes Lounge!

The Lounge is a place where music is explored and celebrated. Look for music spotlights, and more audio conversations with independent artists. I have decided to splinter off the Music Notes section of my first blog, This and That With Calandra and create a site dedicated solely to music, one of my many passions.

Here’s the menu:

Liner Notes – general articles related to all genres of music

Mic One: Calandra Speaks – music-related podcasts

Mic Two: Artist Conversations – interviews with various independent artists

The Listening Suite – a regular review of the music I’m currently listening to

The Lyrics Spot – interpretations of some of my favorite lyrics

So, “…grab your favorite music, have a seat on the floor, get comfy and let’s go…” Welcome to the Lounge!


One thought on “Welcome to Liner Notes Lounge!

  1. Congrats on the Blog Calandra!! This sounds great! Hopefully J & Trey Productions will be able to get on “Liner Notes Lounge”. Wishing you the best my sister.

    Jessica Elliott-Jones

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