A Conversation With Composer Maurice Chevalier

a3746715548_10I had the amazing opportunity to have a conversation with musician and composer Maurice Chevalier. There is so much I could say about him, but I want the conversation and his music to speak for itself. He is a consummate artist and a true gentleman and we had a wonderful conversation about the colors, textures and fragrances of music. His first release, “a jazz/funk/fusion CD and album,” A Life in Perspective, made its debut in July 2015. It is what I consider a life soundtrack – filled with ‘stories’ that not only reflect periods of the artist’s life, but songs in which each listener can find his or her own life connections.

I would like to thank him again for taking time from his busy schedule to speak with me and allow me to share his music with the Listening Suite/Liner Notes Lounge family. Thanks also to MrFresh of the Sunday Soundtrack Podcast at vibesnscribes.com, for first hipping me to the music of Maurice Chevalier.

You can get his social media information and download the new release from Bandcamp. You may also download it from iTunes, and Amazon. For those of you who are like me and still need tangible music, with liner notes, purchase the CD here from CD Baby. Keep up with individual tracks as they come to life by subscribing to his SoundCloud page. These are just a few of the many ways to get to his music – so you have NO EXCUSES! 🙂

Click HERE to listen to the conversation.  Listen out for a clip of “Life Rhythms” from A Life in Perspective at the end of the interview!


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