One thought on “MortarNBrique's The Mommie in Me – Breastfeeding: The Choice is Yours

  1. This was a great read:-) Thank you for sharing your opinions on this topic…no one mom should feel less than another for choosing (or not choosing) to breastfeed. I do breastfeed my 10.5 month old, but around 8 months we made the decision that I no longer need to pump at work, so she now gets formula during the day while I’m at work. And I am perfectly fine with that:-) In fact its been helpful for her to have a combo of both, because she was deficient in Vitamin D, and taking formula has restored her Vitamin D levels. So glad that our choice to have her on both formula and breastmilk is growing her into a well-nourished, healthy and happy baby! Thanks again:-) (Janet N.)

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