This and That This Week: The Bubble Babez Bath Company, LLC

My package of goodies from Bubble Babez!

This is a product review that is long overdue. I have known of this company, co-owned by Nicole Davis and Tristan Jackson, for a year…then it took me a while to actually place an order…then it took me over a month to write my review. But hopefully, it will be well worth the wait!

I first met co-owner Nicole through the makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel. It was here that she introduced her company, The Bubble Babez Bath Company, LLC (, which makes soaps, bath cocktails and more, using natural ingredients. It took me a while to place an order, because there were SO many things to choose from!

But this was my catalyst…in January 2012, my friends and I sponsored our first NYC Hair Revival and I reached out to Nicole, asking her suggestions for a mix of products I could purchase to make a basket for our raffle. She graciously offered to make the basket herself, at no cost to us! I was so excited when the basket came – it was full of bath goodies, and our raffle winner LOVED it! So then I placed my first order, and tried out the whipped body mousse in Le Cougar.

Whipped Body Mousse

Let’s just say…this stuff is AMAZING! Soft, smooth and fragrant! If you wear it, there’s no need for perfume, and the fragrance lasts ALL DAY! I have to commend Nicole and Tristan on finding quality fragrances and ingredients! This is no cheap kitchen operative, although they do work out of their home! Knowing that their products were all natural, I had a concern about how long the body mousse would last. A little bit goes a long way, and I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t go bad if I held on to it too long. She assured me the tub would last for 6 months, and longer if I refrigerated it. YAY!

So after falling in love with the body mousse, I purchased another tub of the same fragrance, and added a few more goodies. Bubble Babez sells these amazing massage candles. You light the candle, allow some of the surface wax to melt, then extinguish the candle. The pooled wax can then be used as a massage oil!! It burns at a low temperature, and so it forms a warm, not hot, oil that is ready to be shared with your special someone. I bought it in the scent, Aphrodisiac, which is described by the company as having ” top notes of grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, and green tomato leaf; followed by middle notes of jasmine and dry base notes of eucalyptus and woods.” Their product descriptions are accurate, especially regarding their fragrances. And although I was skeptical about the “hot wax,” it was cool enough to handle, yet warm enough to get the job done! 😉

Massage Candle, along with Nicole and Tristan's Thank You note!

The third products I purchased were candle melts in various scents. You KNOW how I am about customer service and packaging, right??? Well Bubble Babez hit a home run with me…one of the scents I had ordered was out of stock…they sent me a substitute scent to try, AND said they would send me the original scent I had purchased when it came back in stock! They also included a sample of their lotion bar in Eternity…it is shaped like a small bar of soap and you just let it melt in your hands a bit and smooth it all over. Very cool!! I forgot to take a picture of it, because I couldn’t wait to open it and start using it…it’s just about gone now! LOL. And on top of all that, they sent me a personalized Thank You note and coupons for future purchases…and y’all KNOW how I feel about coupons and personalized notes! 🙂

Wax Melts

Bubble Babez is a triple-P threat – offering great product, packaging and professionalism! There are SO many other products I have yet to try, but I support all that they do. They are currently having a 50% off sale to clear the shelves for new products, so check them out today at


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