What is "This and That With Calandra" – Your Personal Tour!

I have been publishing This and That With Calandra since January 2010. What started out as a few random posts has turned into what I hope is a fun blog to read and I have enjoyed sharing it with you all! After all this time, I decided to give you an official “tour” of TTWC!

TTWC is “a little bit of this and a little bit of that,” however all the posts are summed up into distinct categories, which you can find on the right sidebar. Here’s what you’ll find:


Another series of posts to be filed under Special Features will be called “Mothers and Daughters.” Jasmine and I are teaming up to co-write a series of posts dedicated to the special relationships between mothers and daughters.  New things are happening at This and That With Calandra, so STAY TUNED!!
Thanks to all our readers for your comments, encouragement and support!
Remember that TTWC is also found:
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