This and That This Week: CanDid Art

Last weekend, I gushed  about my adventures at the 2011 Circle of Sisters Expo (read about it here). This week, I’d like to spotlight another amazing young woman I met at COS, Ms. Candice Cox, Owner/Designer of CanDid Art (

She was wearing this gorgeous Warrior Chain body art, seen below. My friend and I were immediately drawn to her, especially when we found out she had designed it herself. Very impressive! On her site, you can find and purchase similar pieces, along with an assortment of dramatic feather and leather drop earrings, necklaces, hand chains, rings and more. According to the site, “CanDid Art creates wearable art that allows people to express themselves freely and redefine the rules of what is considered ‘appropriate’  jewelry. By using feathers, leather, chain, precious stones and recycled materials, unique and awe inspiring pieces are created and ready to transform the individual.”

Not only is she creative, but she has a very kind and professional demeanor. When I contacted her about my blog post, she was so gracious and prompt in her response. I am grateful to have met another wonderful entrepreneur at Circle of Sisters! Please check out CanDid Art. Great job, Candice! And by the way, notice how she was ROCKING her natural ‘do!




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