Let's Get Physical

Until recently I had been a pretty active person. When I was a kid I played soccer. In high school I ran track. When I was in college, though I gained the “freshman fifteen” (darn those midnight mozzerella sticks!) I regularly went to the fitness center and hardly took the campus bus to class. In 2003 I really stepped up my physical fitness and completed a marathon (Team in Training–awesome!). Then I got into pilates, Zumba & even a little yoga while pregnant. Even after my daughter was born I at least tried to keep a walking routine.

But since my daughter turned about 18 months my fitness routine has plummeted. I think it’s a combo of her 5:30am wake-ups, increased activity at work then the evening routine. Weekends we try to get to the park but she’s more into the playground than running in a field, leaving me to slowly walk or stand while watching her.

Two weeks ago I tried a Boot Camp class offered at my office. The class was fun but it quickly became crystal clear: my butt is out of shape! All those months of diminished activity (let’s be real–walking isn’t exactly strenuous) left my endurance at -5. I’ve gotta find a new fitness regimen, STAT!

This is not at all to lose weight, though I would like to get a little closer to my pre-baby body. This is to be able to keep up with an increasingly active toddler. I want to be able to show her how to dribble a soccer ball and run with her as she goes down the field during a game. I want to demonstrate a healthy active lifestyle throughout all my kids’ lives.

I want to be that active grandparent chasing grandkids well into my 80s. Right now my fitness she-ro is Ernestine Shepherd, a 74-year old bodybuilder. I’m not getting into bodybuilding but you get the picture: 74 and rolling strong!

So now I’ve ordered a new exercise DVD (review coming soon!) and am committing to finding time for fitness. If I gotta get up early, wait til after my daughter’s in bed, commit time on the weekend…whatever it takes! Not for me, but for my kids and grandkids.


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