Learning to Learn

As I sit here on the computer doing various little things I have Sesame Street going on another screen for my daughter, Beverly, to watch.  We’ve listened to Elmo’s “Potty Time” song about 6 times now…every time the next video comes on she says “Potty time again mommy”.  We’re in potty training mode so I suppose I don’t mind so much; I can learn the words so when she sits on the potty we can sing it together.

Potty training has made me think more about learning.  When was the last time you learned something new?  I’m not talking about reading a textbook or learning how to play a card game; I mean learned a whole new basic function like going to the bathroom.  Crawling, eating solids, walking all seemed to have come pretty natural for Beverly.  Lord knows she’s picked up talking very easily!  Potty training is a whole new thing for both of us–I really do have to teach her how to do this  (BTW we’re now on listen number 7).  How do I tell her what it feels like to have to go to the bathroom? I can’t just say “you know when you know”, because she doesn’t know!

Earlier today I drove by an empty parking lot and thought about when I learned how to drive.  My dad took me to an empty lot for our lessons and I’ll likely do the same for Beverly.  Again I started wondering…how will I teach her to drive?  At 34 years old I’ve been driving literally half of my life.  It’s something that I just know how to do at this point.

Amazing how kids make us re-learn how we learned to do basic things we take for granted now.  This is going to be quite a journey for Beverly, me and her dad!

Listen #8…I think I’ve had enough now…


2 thoughts on “Learning to Learn

  1. Driving/getting a license was THE MOST liberating thing I have ever done. A friend told me before I had gotten my license that nothing else will give me the feeling of freedom and liberation as much as a license will. She was right!

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