This Week With Calandra: The Art of Being Courteous

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This is the first of my weekly podcasts, “This Week With Calandra.” Our pilot episode talks about The Art of Being Courteous. Listen and comment: what acts of courtesy do you think are most important? Is being courteous becoming a dying art form?

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3 thoughts on “This Week With Calandra: The Art of Being Courteous

  1. Civility and/or courteousness are based upon respect…and funny enough, I too have noticed its decline for a long while now. I remember back in the 80s when respect became almost a buzz word especially among inner city youth, some of whom though that they could gain the respect of others through violence, intimidation and aggression without realizing that all they won was fear, not respect but these days it seems that respect isn’t even a consideration, rather it seems to have evaporated from the collective conscience somehow. As you know, I recently moved to Miami and I am absolutely astounded. Most people here will not even make any attempt at all to move a bit to the side when passing someone in the street, at the supermarket, or anywhere, even when they are walking three people across. While rationally, of course, I can admit that I have no idea what, if anything, these people are thinking, it comes across as highly dismissive – that they are much more important and wouldn’t dream of even acknowledging another passerby’s presence let alone actually move to the side a touch so both can comfortably pass. It just feels so arrogant and very unnecessary but, as awful as this was in New York City, heck, it is like Mecca there compared to here in Miami. I constantly think how these people need manners training, finishing school…something. But the problem is, they seem to be so self absorbed, unaware and self-important, unable to even conceive that they are being very disrespectful, I am sure no one would come so I have yet to figure out a way to combat it. If you ask me, I think the problem is evidence of a severe societal issue – the diminished value of life of any kind – be it another human being, treatment of animals and even our planet. I know you probably meant this to be “lighter” but I think the problem has it’s roots in things much deeper, sadly… 😦

  2. Barbara, thanks for those comments. Yes, it sounds like Miami is worse than NYC when it comes to courtesy – so much for “Southern Hospitality”! My contribution is to teach my children to be respectful and courteous. It seems to be working – the other day while we were in the car, there was a man crossing the street on crutches. He walked against the light, but I patiently allowed him to cross in front of my car, much to the chagrin of the cars behind me. My son then quietly said, “If I were out there, I would have helped him cross the street.” Now if a child can come to those realizations, why can’t adults?

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