The Creativity Contradiction

Until recently, I did not consider myself exceptionally creative. I always believed my left brain was more dominant (logical, analytical) than my right brain (creative and intuitive). But as I become older, and seek to tap into my creativity, I have learned that I am much more right-brained than I initially thought. I am happily embracing my creativity!

Having said that, a friend shared an interesting article from, entitled, “10 Paradoxical Traits of Creative People.” I felt so in tune with the traits, I didn’t know if I should be happy (that I display many of them, so I really AM creative) or afraid (because I display so many of them!). Please read the article for yourself, but here are the traits in a nutshell. (Of course, my logical mind felt the need to summarize!). In short, creative people tend to be:

  • Energetic, but often at rest
  • Smart, yet naive
  • Playful and irresponsible, yet disciplined and responsible
  • Imaginative, and realistic
  • Extroverted and introverted (I can relate to this one for sure!)
  • Humble and proud
  • “…escape rigid gender role stereotyping” – this makes sense – creativity has no gender! LOL
  • Rebellious, yet conservative
  • Passionate, yet objective, about their work
  • Exposed to suffering and pain, due to their openness and sensitivity, yet also experience a great deal of enjoyment (I think it’s the No Pain, No Gain principle.).

I know there are a lot of fellow creative folks out there…do you agree with this list? What say you?


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