The Art of Spontaneity

My sister and I often compare the various combinations of traits we each inherited from both our parents. Like my mother, I am an avid planner. She has mastered the art of packing her clothes in her head, making packing her suitcase a breeze. At the same time, I carry the gene of spontaneity from my father. Daddy always had a way of just coming up with surprises. One Christmas, he decided to forego the annual pilgrimage to my aunt’s house, and we packed up the car and drove to Atlantic City for the day. My mother was not too happy with his decision, and she was quick to let him know that. It was a rather tense day, but in my heart, I was happy. Daddy had come up with one of his spontaneous plans and I loved the idea that it was just somethingĀ different. He decided to go against the grain and do something he thought would be fun. By the end of the day, even Momma admitted we had a good time together as a family.

Well, that’s me…Ms. Spontaneous. I love to surprise people with off-the-cuff antics – a phone call/text message from out of the blue, a surprise lunch/dinner invitation, an email or hand-written note just to say “Hey!” Don’t get me wrong – there’s nothing wrong with advance planning. For me, that is a priority! But I also remember to not get so caught up in planning things that I forget to periodically let things happen on the fly. When you have children, being spontaneous can bring them an added sense of joy. That surprise trip to McDonald’s (hey, don’t judge me!), cute little toy or book I bring home from work can make their day. For most of us, it is often the spontaneous moments that are remembered most.

What was the last spontaneous thing you did?

(31WriteNow Challenge Day 28)


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