Mind Clutter

Cluttered Desk: Cluttered Mind

Cluttered Desk: Cluttered Mind (Photo credit: mrsdkrebs)

None of us like to work in cluttered conditions. I clean my desk at work throughout each day to get stray files and papers put back in place so that I can start fresh each day. I don’t even like to have too many windows open on my computer screen! I think many would agree that productivity is greatly limited when our workspace is cluttered.

But what about mind clutter – when too many thoughts are scattered around, wreaking havoc on our mental state and destroying our focus and concentration? How many times have we been paralyzed by fear and left unable to try something new because of the thoughts of fear and doubt that clutter our minds like papers strewn across a desk? Or what about the mind clutter of negative thinking that has us so focused on the problem that we can never get to think positively toward a solution? Mind clutter can also come in the form of mental distractions – lack of concentration can often divert our attention from the project at hand and we end up focusing on everything BUT what we need to do.

I am reminded of an episode of The Cosby Show, where Cliff built a private space for his wife so that she could be free to do whatever she wanted to, uninterrupted. As he told his children that they were not to disturb her while she was in her private room, he explained that his children were always bothering him and jamming his thoughts. He had not completed a thought in 20 years, and might have cured a disease or solved world problems had he been able to complete all his thoughts. Well, sometimes mind clutter comes from outside sources that we allow to bring drama into our minds.

Just like our desks or computer desktops need to be rid of clutter, so must our minds be free of clutter. Prayer, meditation, focus, and discipline are the tools by which mind clutter can be eliminated, or at least controlled. Having said that, what will you do to free your mind?

(WriteNow Challenge Day 17)


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