A Mother's Love

IMG_0167Today I celebrate my firstborn child’s birthday. Seven years ago today, after 19 hours of an uncomfortable labor (not painful, just uncomfortable), Isidoa Branch III came into the world. I had waited so long to become a mother, and I was not about to mess this up! I spent the first several weeks feverishly recording his feeding and sleep patterns, trying to establish a schedule for both. To this day, I still have the little blue notebook filled with the notes and scribblings of a frantic mother. But in all my concern, I did manage to enjoy every minute with this new little life that had been entrusted to me.

Today he is an enthusiastic, sensitive and intelligent young man with a big heart. He is my little protector and comedian – always ready to make his Momma laugh and smile. I wanted to share these two pieces with you that echo my feelings as a mother. The first is an article I read from a local New Jersey newsletter. The second shows how the love and support of a mother helped this young man get through a difficult situation. I was impressed by her calm demeanor and obvious pride in her son.

Happy Birthday Izzy – Momma loves you!!

Article: From a Mother to Her Son, on Mother’s Day

Video showing a mother’s love!

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11 thoughts on “A Mother's Love

  1. Crying so hard I can barely type! Happy Birthday to my Precious Nephew Izzy. My first view of Isidoa Branch III was through hospital glass. He was still crying in outrage at being removed from loving and warm arms just to be placed in a room with other, similary ticked off members of “Team Just Got Here”. For 19 hours Izzy tried to stay in his climate controlled, cool jazz mood lighting, all he could eat buffet style home inside his Momma. Just to find himself in a bright, sterile room, lying in a blanket cushioned acrylic box. His wails joined those of two other “newbies” waiting to be properly proccessed, cleaned, hand and foot printed and swaddled in their new striped blankets. I knew that Izzy would soon be returned to the loving embraces, of his thankful to God, adoring “look what we did” Parents. In those moments, I thanked God and fiercely pledged my love and allegiance to my Precious Nephew. God’s gift to me has been to make me an Auntie as I proudly cheer from the sidelines and watch my little Sister morph into Super Mom. Happy Birthday Izzy. I thank God for you and pray for your bright and happy future. You are my Sunshine and Auntie NayNay Loves you SOOO Much!

  2. This is a wonderful reflection and testimony of “ask and it will be given.” I am proud of this young man of vision and purpose as he continues to excel to reach heights undreamed of. Happy Birthday I3.

  3. Calandra,
    You really should have warned people about this video. I’m balling my eyes out! It was such a wonderful start to my Sunday morning. Than you, cousin!

  4. This is a beautiful and touching blog entry, Calandra. Of course being a mama’s boy myself it makes me think of the special bond I have with my mother which you are clearly cultivating with your son. He is blessed to have such a loving mother. Happy Birthday Isidoa!

    • Jua, thank you so much for the compliment and the birthday wishes! Izzy’s my little buddy. Poor thing, while I was carrying him, I “talked” to him all the time. Now he’s returning the “favor”!

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