That's Not Cute!

I’m going to keep this quick – just jumping on my soapbox and then jumping back off. I love when people share their children’s cute photos and funny videos on social media. Vine has given many the opportunity to catch those cute 6-second scenarios on video.

‘Howsinever’…if I see one more video of some child, who just finished learning how to walk and still can’t even pronounce the word ‘Instagram,’ twerk, dutty wine, booty-pop, drop it like it’s hot, throw up gang signs, use the N-word or recite foul hip hop lyrics, I’m going to scream! When did this become acceptable behavior? These babies didn’t take these photos/videos themselves…their parent or someone else responsible for them did!  Sometimes I watch and then ask myself, “Little girl/boy, where is your mother?” Then I hear her off-camera laughing and cheering the child on. I’ve even seen one video where the father was in the shot, dancing right along with his daughter!

This is not cute, y’all. I’m not even talking about the social media aspect – that you have left this electronic footprint of your child for all the world to see. But even in the privacy of your own home, why would you think this is okay? Kids winding and grinding against each other; toddlers holding up Corona bottles like they’re sippy cups. Madness! As my mother would say, “When you see her swinging around a pole one day, don’t say nothin’!”

*Climbing off the soapbox now*



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