AfterSix Productions To Release First Single From “What Love Is”

ChamPromoITunes9AugA few weeks ago, I announced that AfterSix Productions would soon debut its long-awaited release, What Love Is. (see Coming Summer 2013 – AfterSix Productions to Release “What Love Is”) Well, ‘soon’ is here! The first single, Chamorrita, will be released and available on iTunes on August 9, 2013. Make sure you download your copy. The rest of the project is scheduled to be available on iTunes and other online stores by the end of September 2013.

I have been following the development of this project for a while now, and I’m really excited about the final release. The debut single Chamorrita has a backstory as lovely as the song itself. Check out Mr Fresh as he explains the origins of Chamorrita:

And here’s the promo video for the single:

AfterSix Productions can be found online at the following:


5 thoughts on “AfterSix Productions To Release First Single From “What Love Is”

  1. I too have been following this project for a while now and am glad it’s finally nearing completion! Love the single and please believe I am one of the folks who asked exactly what ‘Chamorrita’ is! Hahahaha

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