Coming Summer 2013 – AfterSix Productions to Release "What Love Is"

A6PI have been waiting a LONG time to make this announcement. Finally, AfterSix Productions (A6P) will be blessing us with the long-awaited release What Love Is, a collection of smooth grooves and tight vocals centered around love and relationships.

I first introduced you to What Love Is back in March 2012 (Read Mr. Fresh and The Sunday Soundtrack) when I wrote about Mr. Fresh, one half of the A6P team. DBassist rounds out this talented duo of musicians and music producers.

Aside from the music itself, I appreciate the title of the release. Instead of exploring the question “What Is Love?” the project gives us a bold statement of the answer. In other words, it’s time to stop seeking and start embracing the answer to the question. According to Mr. Fresh, the release counters the “forlorn, negative” messages of today’s love songs and brings a “positive and uplifting” voice to the project.

That’s all I have to say about What Love Is…for now! Check out A6P on Facebook, Twitter (@a6productions), and YouTube, where you can find promos and teasers like the ones below. I hope to sit down with these two masters of music production for an interview that I will gladly share with the This and That crew. And of course, we will spotlight What Love Is with a full review after its release. Summer 2013 – find out What…Love…Is…

I can’t wait!


2 thoughts on “Coming Summer 2013 – AfterSix Productions to Release "What Love Is"

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