Team Natural Roundup

IMG_0001I’m such a bad naturalista! Yesterday I was discussing natural hair with a young lady at work and I mentioned to her that I blogged about natural hair. Knowing that I blog about a lot more than just natural hair, I corrected myself and added that I blogged about “other stuff too!” At her request, I passed along the link to This and That. I was messing around on the blog and decided to review what was located in the Natural Hair Care category and was disappointed that not only had I not posted about natural hair in a while, but that I didn’t have much to say on the blog about natural hair PERIOD!

So, after slapping myself on the wrist with my trusty rattail comb, I realized that I have so many natural hair go-to gurus, I don’t really spend too much time actually talking about it on the blog. However, I post a lot on Pinterest and on the This and That With Calandra fan page on Facebook. So…I’ve decided to at least offer a quick roundup of my favorite naturalistas. Here goes:

Black Girl With Long Hair –

Hair Gets Kinky When Wet –

Lexi With the Curls – lexiwiththecurls.comYou can also check out Lexi’s YouTube channel.

My favorite beauty blogger, Patrice Yursik, aka Afrobella (aka “Calandra’s hair crush”!) –

Last but not least, my favorite naturalista – not just because of her hair, but because she’s such a cool chick! Whitney aka Naptural85 on YouTube!



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