Be Exceptional!

ExcellenceIn line with our recent posts about deconstruction, letting go of the past, and setting goals, today’s post basically takes us to the next level of being…be exceptional. As always, I like to start with a definition. According to Merriam-Webster, ‘exceptional’ means “better than average…” My parents always encouraged my sister and I to “do our best.” As low-pressure as that sounds, I think this statement is deeper than it first appears.

What does it really mean to do one’s best? Isn’t ‘best’ a relative goal? For some, optimal studying may yield an ‘A’ on an exam; for others, their best may be a ‘C’. When you think about it, if everyone’s ‘best’ were the same, we’d all be perfect, wouldn’t we? I believe our ‘best’ is relative. For simplicity, I submit that our ‘best’ is the state of achieving one’s necessary goals for personal success, whatever that definition of success may be. It’s much like the law of inertia – that an object in motion/at rest stays in motion/at rest “unless acted upon by some external force.” What are these external forces? In the case of a smooth metal ball rolling across a smooth surface, gravity and friction keep the ball from continuing to roll in a straight line forever. In our own lives, what are the external forces that keep us from continuing to stay in motion, or in some cases, keep us from taking time to be still? What are the things that keep us from being our best?

I have been thinking about this for a long while now, as part of constructing my goals for the next year (no resolutions, remember? It’s about setting goals!) Unlike gravity and friction, sometimes these forces are things that ARE totally in our control. What are we spending time doing that keep us from our goals? Who are we spending time with? What things are we making a priority that really need to take a back seat? Let’s face it, we don’t like admitting that sometimes WE get in our own way! As painful as it can be, being honest with and about ourselves is the first step in doing our best. Once we get past acknowledging and accepting our part in this, it is even more important to do something about it! If you recognize the symptoms and then say, “I have a cold,” but then do nothing to treat the cold, then you will stay sick longer than you need to. True, you may eventually get better as your body uses its natural defenses to heal, but why take the long road? As a good friend always says, “Work smarter, not harder.”

So whatcha sayin’ Calandra?…It’s time to clean out the clutter of our lives and be BETTER than our best! Be “better than average” – be EXCEPTIONAL! Go into the New Year not with resolutions, but with a goal and a plan to be EXCEPTIONAL! Use the best of what you have to be the best you can be!

Happy New Year!!


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