When I Fell in Love with Music: Songs in the Key of Life

I wish those days could come back once more. Why did those days ever have to go? ‘Cause I love them so

These lyrics are appropriate for my relationship with music for several reasons. Firstly, I am so disappointed with most of today’s mainstream music, across several genres. I found myself listening to more “classic” music – classic gospel, classic R & B, classic jazz, etc. As I mentioned in my post, Support Independent Music, I have become a fan of Independent Music, as well as opened up to the downtempo/ambient/chill and other genres I failed to explore in the past. So “I wish” for meaningful music to once again be found in abundance on the airwaves, as opposed to lingering, often unnoticed, in underground venues, on internet radio, and in other inconspicuous locations.

These lyrics are also meaningful for me because Songs in the Key of Life was a monumental album for me, and was the defining moment that began my love affair with music. I was 7 years old when Songs was released, and my parents had just bought a new stereo for my then 18-year old sister. Songs in the Key of Life was the album she chose to accompany her new stereo. This summer while visiting my sister, who now lives in South Carolina, I trolled through her many albums, and shed a tear when I ran across this classic musical masterpiece. I began to reflect upon my first experience with Songs. My sister had taught me how to work her stereo, which was much more advanced than the giant monstrosity of a console stereo/television we had in our living room at the time. I sat on the floor, clutching this beautifully designed fold-out album cover and read every lyric to every song, and read every liner note and credit. I remember “Sir Duke” and “I Wish” being the first songs I had learned all the lyrics to and I sang along with Stevie as if I were one of Stevie’s backup singers!

My sister’s LP stash

Our giant monstrosity…but gave hours of listening and viewing pleasure!

Yes, Songs introduced me to the beauty of lyrics, the poetry of lyrics. Stevie Wonder is still one of my favorite lyricists of all time. Songs helped me to appreciate all the elements of a real “album”: the artistic design of the album cover, the written lyrics, the music credits and personal acknowledgements (must always thank God and your Momma!), and of course, the music itself.

I can never hear any song from this album without thinking of its significance in my life – the first album of this audiophile’s life soundtrack.

To Songs in the Key of Life, to MUSIC, I say: “As around the sun the earth knows she’s revolving, and the rosebuds know to bloom in early May. Just as hate knows love’s the cure you can rest your mind assure, that I’ll be loving you always.”


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