Mother to Mother

A few months ago, I started a major project at work and one of the consultants, who is also a mother of two young children, shared with me that she was so glad to be working with another mother. It reminded me of the relationship I have had with my career mentor over the past 20 years, who is also a working mother. It reminded me of the awesome bond that mothers have. How many times have I seen a story on the news about the anguish some mother has suffered? A child abducted…a child killed…a child mistreated…all events that pull at the heartstrings of mothers worldwide. Conversely, I am horrified and angered when I hear of mothers who abuse their position – by verbally and physically abusing their children, by neglecting or taking advantage of their children in order to satisfy their own selfish needs.

I am not the perfect mother – I just try to be the best Mommie I can be. In a MortarNBrique staff meeting, I spoke about what I considered to be a kind of Mission Statement for The Mommie in Me column. Many times, friends and I talk about racism, sexism, and other world evils. My end comment is always the same. I can’t change the world…I might be able to influence a few people along the way. But the ONLY thing Ican do is take total responsibility for MY little boy and little girl. They are the ones God has given me (and my husband) charge over, to raise and nurture them to be the best man/woman, husband/wife, father/mother, loving and caring human beings they can be. Hopefully they will grow to pass on those same values that we teach them, the way my husband and I passed on that which our parents taught us.

This weekend, we celebrated our son’s 6th birthday. From cupcakes at camp to an afternoon of bowling with the family to birthday cake at home, this weekend was chock full of celebration, fun and family. My mother, my sister and my best friend – my “Holy Trinity” of female wisdom and guidance – also gave me encouragement during this time, congratulating me on 6 years of successful motherhood. These three women are amazing sources of inspiration to me, and often bolster my confidence both as a woman and as a mother. Despite our best efforts, we may still feel that we fall short as mothers. I feel blessed to have other mothers who recognize the challenges of balancing work and motherhood, and who can always see through our smiles. It is important for us to always connect “mother to mother.”


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