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Being a lifelong music lover, I must admit that I never thought much about independent music and independent artists until the past year or so. In my mind, I always defined indie music as a genre of “alternative” or “non-mainstream” music. I thought of indie artists as folks who sold their music out of the trunk of the car. Well, ignorance is NOT bliss, and thankfully I have come to realize not only the definition of, but the absolute value of independent music. If you’ve been following This and That With Calandra, especially the Music Notes section, you will know the love affair I have had with music since childhood. My life’s soundtrack has included the genres of R&B, soul, hip-hop, gospel, jazz and more. You may also have read my re-introduction into the downtempo chill genre through Mr. Fresh’s Sunday Soundtrack Podcast. It is through this particular venue that I have been most exposed to several gifted and talented independent artists, including Mr. Fresh himself.

Wikipedia defines independent, or “indie,” music as “a term used to describe independence from major commercial record labels or their subsidiaries, and an autonomous, Do-it-Yourself approach to recording and publishing.” Any conversation regarding the demise of pure music, regardless of genre, usually comes down to money and business, the main functions which drive the music industry. It seems that the music itself is considered secondary. This has been disheartening to this musical purist, who for many years relied on “classic” selections within her favorite genres in order to be musically entertained. Now, having been exposed to such wonderful indie music – new and fresh music – I feel surrounded by others who share a passion for music and who have chosen to express their musical gifts apart from the major label machines of the music industry.

Having said all that, This and That With Calandra: Music Notes is about to step into the world of indie music by introducing our audience to a number of these talented artists, through interviews and links to their music. So look out for our upcoming indie artist spotlights and more!


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