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Last month, I introduced to the This and That With Calandra family my good friend Mr. Fresh and the Sunday Soundtrack Podcast (see post here), my favorite collection of chill music and more. Vibes and Scribes, is the official “Home” for the SSP and is also penned by Mr. Fresh. Specifically, I’d like to invite you to check out his latest post, a comprehensive concert review of one of my favorite groups, Incognito (featuring the amazing singer/songwriter Maysa). If you are a TRUE music lover, you will appreciate Mr. Fresh’s in-depth review of everything from the musical selections to the actual instruments and equipment! Click here to experience “Incognito f/Maysa (with The Robert Glasper Experiment) – 3 April 2012. The Warner Theater, Washington DC.” And thanks to Mr. Fresh for bringing us the view from the fifth row!


One thought on “Vibes and Scribes

  1. Hey Calandra,
    Have you ever conisdered starting a local meetup for social outings etc. You seem so cool and may be a good nucleus for such things. I”m just sayin”. LOL

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