Music Notes: Mr. Fresh and The Sunday Soundtrack Podcast

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Dad, Hubby…Musician, Recording Studio Owner, Tech lover, Podcaster, Mellowly Cool

So describes Mr. Fresh, Host of The Sunday Soundtrack Podcast, “Your New Millenium Smooth Chill.” Mr. Fresh presents an “alternative listening experience” to most smooth jazz programming, also taking the time to highlight independent artists. I must admit that up until a year or so ago, I have only listened to music via the internet to enjoy music I already knew, using it simply as ‘net radio. However, my introduction to the SSP encouraged me to seek out the unknown as well as the lesser known, both in terms of music genre and artists.

But in order to really put SSP in proper context of my life’s soundtrack, let me take a step back. In terms of chill-out music, or chill, I was not immediately impressed by this genre when it was introduced to me by former smooth jazz station CD-101.9 (WQHT) back in 2004. For nine months, my beloved go-to smooth jazz station turned into a “Chill-Out Station” and I was less than thrilled with the new format. However, being the fair and open-minded music lover that I am, I rediscovered chill music through a few random tunes a few years ago and decided it wasn’t so bad after all.

Fast forward to 2011…Enter The Sunday Soundtrack Podcast…a goldmine of chill, downtempo, smooth jazz, slow groove and mellow music. There are over two years of archived podcasts at Vibes and Scribes, Mr. Fresh’s blog. Each program is filled with 10-12 full-length tracks, sometimes highlighting a particular artist, or just a mix of tunes. Along with the podcast is a corresponding track listing and virtual liner notes for the various artists, a welcome change to many podcasts that are simply mini-internet radio stations. Clearly, Mr. Fresh takes the time to both find the best tracks to highlight, and research facts about each artist, bringing a full-bodied broadcast to his listeners. SSP has become a regular part of my relaxation regimen at home, as well as a nice chill backdrop while working in the office. I even have a download on my iPhone that sometimes keeps me company during the evening drive home from a hectic work day.

In addition to hosting the Sunday Soundtrack Podcast, Mr. Fresh is a talented musician, playing lead, rhythm and bass guitar, as well as keyboard. He is a lover of music, well-versed in funk, jazz, gospel and chill genres, and quite skilled in the art of studio mixing and production. I am anxiously awaiting the official release of What Love Is, a series of tracks produced by Mr. Fresh and his music partner DBassist. Follow them on Facebook at AfterSix Productions for updates on the project and ultimate CD release. And we will definitely be highlighting What Love Is here at This and That With Calandra. In the meantime, head over to Vibes and Scribes and check out Mr. Fresh’s Sunday Soundtrack Podcast. Enjoy…and just chill!


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