Gadgets Gone Wild, part 2

Back in October I wrote about the overabundance of modern kitchen gadgets and my committment to more basic cooking.  Well a friend of mine posted an article on Facebook that’s made me slightly re-state this committment.  Today’s commentary by Megan McCardle on The Atlantic website, Reasons Not to Buy the Most Expensive Kitchen Gadgets, had me chuckling and I realized that though I’m all about home-cooking I’m not a person who’s a devotee of “Real cooks do it by hand”.  She states that while there are definitely some gadgets that are over the top (a cupcake maker!) there are others that make a home-cook’s life much easer, like, say, a toaster.  She also gives eight fantastic reasons not to purchase certain gadgets.  I loved all of them, particularly numbers 3 and 4 (#4 actually helped me decide not to buy that cupcake maker).

Just wanted to pass the article along…Happy Reading!


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