Thankful for Creative Cooking…at Christmas!

No, I’m not doing like the department stores and skipping Thanksgiving to go straight to Christmas.  But my original cooking plan was slightly thwarted, so the new dish will be attempted in December.  Yesterday I was talking to co-workers about the Thanksgiving meal and everyone around the table agreed that this is not the holiday to test new dishes.  Folks look forward to the tried and true, whatever those dinner traditions may be.  Inserting a new dish should be done lightly and after much practice so you don’t go down as the relative who served the awful Thanksgiving dish.  Plus, since my father-in-law is hosting by the time I’d talked to him he’d already planned the menu so I just volunteered to make one of the dishes.  And for added pressure we’re having guests; I wouldn’t want to subject them to a newly-tested, never-tasted dish.  I’ll save that for just family so if it’s bad I won’t be too embarrassed.  So this year it’s back to mashed sweet potatoes…

In the same vein as Calandra’s new post and the title of my series, I’m thankful for food and family.  Working in and learning about food access/nutrition I’m fully aware that many families don’t have the ability to eat a nutritious Thanksgiving meal, and many more won’t be eating a Thanksgiving meal at all.  If you can donate some canned/frozen goods or a whole turkey please do it so families across the nation can enjoy this traditional meal with their loved ones.

I’m also thankful for family, both near and far.  My daughter is blessed to have her great-grandmothers still around.  In fact as I type I’m listening to Beverly show my husband’s grandmother how to play a game on the iPod! I love that we’re able to share each holiday with either my family or my husband’s–whether in St. Louis, New York, New Jersey or Virginia.  And lastly, living closer to Calandra the past couple of years has allowed us to reconnect and have Beverly get to know her cousins!  Ain’t nothin like family y’all!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and happy eating!


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