The Enigma of Time

If you’ve spent M-F sustaining someone else’s dream then use Saturday’s to build yours! You can rest on Sunday!

I read this tweet this afternoon from @TonyGaskins, as retweeted by my friend @MrFresh. I also read it as I spent another Saturday afternoon multi-tasking – between spending time engaged with my 3- and 5-year olds, updating social media contacts and trying to post a new blog. Oh yeah, and in between I’m trying to relax and de-stress from the week, cook, clean and get things ready for church tomorrow. I found this to be quite a profound statement, and translated it in the context of what we spend time on.

Time is money, a luxury, a gift. It can be well-spent or wasted. How often do we say to ourselves or others, “I just don’t have enough time for—–” You fill in the blank. When I had our first child, I clearly remember that TIME became a totally different animal to me. Because everything revolved around a schedule – when he was fed, when he slept, when I changed his diaper. Everything I did and every move I made revolved around his schedule and his needs. For the first time, someone was totally dependent on how I managed my time. And I had no choice but to manage my time as best I could. The same rings true to this day…and I suspect until the children turn 18! LOL

Now back to the quote…so I spend all week working a full-time job (that I actually enjoy) and come home to be full-time wife and Mommy (which I also enjoy!). I am able to carve out two nights a week when I can focus on me, but the irony is that I usually still end up using that time to run family errands or catch up with things at work. So according to Bro. Tony, I should be able to focus on my dreams on Saturday, right?? Well, it doesn’t always work out that way, but what is true is that we must always spend some quality time on our dreams – especially when we spend so much time on the dreams of others. Now don’t get me wrong, the time I spend with my children may not be “ME” time, but it DOES involve making my dreams come true. My time with my children – watching and helping them grow and develop – is part of this mother’s dream of nurturing children who will be healthy, happy and productive citizens.

But as women, as mothers, we DO have to make sure that WE are taking care of ourselves and tending to our dreams, or else we will be OF NO USE to anyone else! (See Hat’s Off!) Thank you Bro. Tony for reminding me that it is crucial to take time for our dreams.

How do you challenge the enigma of time?


2 thoughts on “The Enigma of Time

  1. Great reminder! I think a lot of mothers project their dreams onto their kids because of this enigma that you uncovered. I am very lucky in that my dream is my full-time job, but when it was not I would cheat time by visualizing, planning and making my dreams real in my head. I found that this always led to their actual manifestation.

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