A New Look for This and That With Calandra!

Have you noticed anything different about This and That? Yes, we’ve redesigned our blog! We said goodbye to the dark background and HELLO to a bright, fresh page, complete with a banner and new slogan – “Be Beautiful…Be Healthy…Be You!” Feel free to let us know how you like the new look!

NEW FEATURES!Jasmine Ratliff of “Here and There With Jasmine,” will now be writing Adventures in Food and Family. I asked how she would describe her approach to the posts:

I am a fan of food…particularly home made good food. I’m not a ‘foodie’–I have no idea what an artisanal cheese is and have never used truffle oil. I just want to be able to prepare good, healthy food for my family and enjoy sharing cooking time with my daughter. So my posts are now going to be centered more around healthy food facts and my quest to find good meals, snacks, desserts to share with my family. Hopefully between me and Calandra you’ll be beautiful both inside & out!

We are excited about our newest addition to This and That With Calandra!

As you know, I finally met Marlene Duperley, Owner and Sr. Vice President of Doris New York, at New York’s Circle of Sisters Expo (read all about it here). Doris New York has an amazing line of hair products, and I will soon be doing a full review of their Olive Oil Hair Creme and Leave In Conditioner.

Well…the other day I received some exciting news!! Doris New York has added a new section to their website (dorisnewyork.com) called DNY’s BFFs. It’s a page for all of those who have blogged about DNY, so This and That With Calandra has a spot there for our blog (calandrabranch.wordpress.com) AND YouTube Channel (youtube.com/cybranch). Please stop by DNY and check out their beautiful website!

Exciting things are happening at This and That With Calandra! Be sure to check back frequently for new content, or better yet…Sign up for an email subscription so you will always be in the know!


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