Adventures in Traveling: Part 2

Now that I’ve had real sleep in a real bed, I can appreciate the beauty of South Carolina and my sister’s new apartment. What I reflected on this morning was a meeting of past and present. Those who know me know I LOVE to reminisce. So what moved me, beside seeing my sister after all this time, was seeing two pieces of our childhood sitting in my sister’s living room. The first is a Castro Convertible marble-top cocktail table. This classic was our coffee table for years. I thought about how I used to sit under it and pull the crank back and forth. The table rose high up in the middle and you could place your drinks along the table ledge. Made me think of all the family gatherings when we’d crank up the table and then pull out the table extension. Those Castros were furniture geniuses!

The second item is a glass and metal serving cart from Fortunoff, circa 1965. We kept our glasses and collectibles on it. It was beautiful but I was the designated glass-washer and it seemed to take me forever to finish!

It was nice seeing these items from my childhood now gracing my sister’s new home. I guess it gives her a little piece of our New York childhood as she adjusts to her new life.




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