30-Day YouTube Video Challenge – Day 10: Favorite Eye Shadows

So my latest challenge video is another Top 5 in 5 (5 faves in 5 minutes). These are my 5 Favorite Eye Shadows, brand-wise.

Staples: MAC – MAC was my intro into grown-up makeup (not counting my mother’s Fashion Fair makeup I used to play in as a kid, nor my failed attempts at using other makeup brands in my post-college years!). Although MAC has a wide variety of colors, I only use a few and as I branched out into other brands, I realize that I go back to MAC for highlight and crease staples – namely Arena and Rice Paper (highlights), and Embark and Swiss Chocolate (for crease contour and transitions).

Packaging: Rock & Republic – I started buying these from the discount site HauteLook.com. From my YouTube haul videos, you can see that I’m an R&R fan. At 70% off, who can blame me. Their colors are nice, but it’s the packaging that I fell in love with. The beautiful silver and black pot came in a small round black box, much like a miniature hatbox.  Too cute!

Duos: NARS – Although I use their blushes more, I do have several duos and I like the color combinations. NARS is great for women of color.  So they are my fave duos.

Palette: Urban Decay – The first time I went to Sephora, the associate was giving me a rundown of the brands and she mentioned that Urban Decay was for young folks. She was also an older lady, so I wasn’t quite sure what to make of her advice! I have stayed away from UD because I’m not so into the shimmers, but I love their limited edition palettes. I wish I had purchased the Alice in Wonderland, so I immediately ran out and bought the I ♥NYC palette. It’s adorable, but I really don’t use it to much. Because of that, I didn’t run out to get the Naked Palette, but after seeing makeup artist Tatiana Ward’s (a.k.a. Beat Face Honey) Naked Palette look, I knew I wanted to try it, so I picked one up and even did a tutorial for my version of Tatiana’s look. Click HERE to check it out.

Drug Store Color Payoff: Wet ‘n Wild – Clearly, WnW is NOT the same drug store makeup we played with in High School! I have the Vanity and Lust palettes and FELL IN LOVE! These are some of the best drug store color payoffs around!


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