This and That This Week: Cosmetiques Laudun

Laudun photo courtesy of Cosmetiques Laudun

Jeanne Gabriel Laudun is the inspiration behind Cosmetiques Laudun, a skincare company which offers a line of environmentally friendly and all natural products. According to the company website (, “Laudun products pamper the skin with ingredients found in the common garden.” Jeanne Gabriel Laudun’s granddaughter, Anna Laudun Beauboeuf, is President and CEO of Cosmetiques Laudun and built the company based on her grandmother’s treasured skincare recipes. Although there are many natural skincare companies out there, this is what drew my interest in Cosmetiques Laudun. I have had the opportunity to communicate with the company’s Vice President and Jeanne Gabriel Laudun’s grand-niece, Sandra Gabriel, who explained to me that her great-aunt used ingredients from the garden to make her own beauty products in her kitchen. Her picture is on the company’s website and she was a beautiful woman. Obviously, her products worked well!

The website also states that “The Laudun philosophy is based on respect for nature, health and protection of the environment.” None of their products are tested on animals, and all of their botanical ingredients are natural and certified Organic.


USDA Bio Facial Moisturizer/Anti-aging, $64

I was able to try their USDA Bio Facial Moisturuizer (left), which like most of their products, is fragrance-free and feels moisture-rich and nourishing to the skin. According to the site, “MITSY Day & Night Anti-Ageing Moisturizer is a USDA Certified Bio silky moisturizing skin crème that glides over the skin without the feeling of heaviness. MITSY is formulated with 100% pure grapeseed oil, rich in antioxidants, ideal oil to use on your facial skin.”


Argile Cleanser Facial Mask, $20

I also tried the Argile Cleanser Facial Mask (right), which is made of French green clay. I don’t usually use clay masks, but I have to say that this mask did a wonderful job tightening my skin and pores, without leaving my skin feeling dry, as many masks often do. The product description notes, “This is an amazing substance that has been used throughout history for its ability to detoxify and purify the skin, making it a fabulous hydrating mask that effectively tightens and absorbs toxins.”

Aside from the actual products, I love the spirit of this company. President Beauboeuf states, “My grandmother, Jeanne, has blessed me with extensive knowledge on natural skincare recipes, and, with gratitude and joy, I am happy to share them with you.”

Visit them at


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