This and That This Week: Highlights From the 2012 Hair Revival

Leilani Yizar, Guest Contributor

Please welcome Guest Contributor, Leilani Yizar, who agreed to share her thoughts on the 2012 Hair Revival, sponsored by Doris New York Hair Care Products and SistahGirlfriends, Inc.

Is Natural Hair a Movement or a Trend?  Can the way you wear your hair affect your getting a job?  How does a man like his woman to wear her hair?  Am I doing right by my hair?  All these questions and many more were discussed at the Hair Revival, held at the South Oxford Space in Brooklyn,New York on January 21, 2012. This exciting, intensifying, informational forum was hosted by Doris New York Hair Care Products and SistahGirlfriends, Inc. Women and men of all hair types were welcomed to hear a dynamic panel discuss what you can do with your hair, how far you can go with it, and what is the next move. The panelists were:

Winsome Sinclair – Chief Managing Partner, Winsome Sinclair and Associates

Michelle Joyce – President and CEO, Digital Chick Consulting

Brian Luvar – Director/Producer/Photographer. President and CEO Grandma’s Watching Productions

Marlene Duperley – Hair Care Expert/Stylist. Co-Owner and SVP Doris New York Hair Care Products

Edward M. Johnson – Managing Director, Rebel Visions Corporation

Andrea Wilson – Celebrity Hairstylist.

To some, hair is a statement, a simple look, a lifestyle, your heritage. It means so many things; but one known fact is that hair needs love too. Our panel of experts educated us on how much one has to condition their hair to keep it healthy; and what products are good for different types of hair! No judgment was passed, which made it more comfortable for the audience to feel free to express themselves and ask important questions. We heard a man’s perspective when Brian was asked how he likes his woman to wear her hair. He responded that as long as her hair looked nice and she kept herself looking nice, he was fine with that. His answer was well received.

When passion is mixed into conversation, things can tend to become intense. With the next subject, that’s exactly how it went down.  The moderator (Calandra Branch) asked the question which sparked the most controversy, “How does your appearance (hair) affect your professional status?”  There seemed to be a consensus on the panel that in order to work in the business world, one should have a more polished professional look.  Some people in the audience were appalled by this statement and the debate on what is considered professional and what should be accepted to all started a immense conversation about race, discrimination, and what we should do to change the dynamics of what is going on in this world. The forum ended on that note, which will be a great opening for the next Hair Revival. Although things were heated in the end, people left with smiles on their faces, swag bags filled with candles and hair care products, some raffled gifts in hand, and inspiration in their hearts. What a way to start anew.  Feeling Inspired, Feeling Hopeful, Feeling Revived.

Click HERE to see a photo slideshow of the event!

(Photography by Rowena Husbands of Blink Of An Eye Photography)


Thank you Leilani for a great post! On behalf of Doris New York Hair Care Products and SistahGirlfriends, Inc., we are thankful to all who attended our inaugural event! Thanks to Sofistafunk – The Original Skirt Company (, Doris New York Hair Care Products (www.dorisnewyork), and Bubble Babez Bath Company ( for donating our three raffle prizes – a custom-fitted skirt, a set of the full line of Doris New York products, and a sampler basket of homemade scented soap slices, max welts, sugar bath cubes and lotion bars! We support our entrepreneurs! If you are interested in supplying samples, services or products for future events, please contact us at



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